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Here at Pure Fitness Martial Arts we look to service anyone who is interested and serious about trying something fun and new.  Here are a few questions worth asking when searching for a martial arts school or class.

Does your school use a billing service or separate company?

No.  We do all of our billing in house.  We are people serving people, there is no need to hire a third party to work with our people.  We shake your hand, training you and your children and deal with all billing in house and in person.

Do you give your instructors background checks?

Absolutely.  We have an all adult staff that are thoroughly trained on how to teach others.  Our staff are given thorough background checks  for federal offenses, gang affiliations, and pedophilia.   It is not professional for minors to be instructing entire classes alone. 

Do you have female and male instructors?

Yes we do.  Balance is important in life and everyone needs someone they can talk to and relate.

LBGTQ+ Friendly?

Yes absolutely!  All are welcome no matter the identity, gender, or choice.  Martial Arts are for everyone!

Do you teach kids?

Yes we do starting at age 7 and up.  We may start a child younger than 7 but that is a case by case basis.

Do you have a daycare?

Yes we have limited childcare for children 7 and up.

Can I workout with my child?

We have fun "buddy days" that allow families to workout together.  We find that parents sometimes need "me" time.  That is why we have a daycare for kids to  play in while parents work out.

Do I have to pay for my rank?

No, ranks cannot be bought.  Every "Prajet" or armband (traditional to Muay Thai) is earned and not bought.  We are not bound to a larger organization that sets testing fees as a way to maintain the organization.   Ranks are earned with sweat and determination not money.

Is your bootcamp like crossfit?

Our bootcamp is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Our instructors are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable, no class is ever the same.  We can modify any exercise to accommodate any injury, situation or fitness level.  No one is lost or left behind.  Shoulder surgery? Wheelchair bound? Knee/ foot surgery?  Tired?  Stressed? Young? Old? Special Needs?  Anyone and we mean anyone can train at any time. 

Is Pure Fitness a Gym or a Martial Arts School?

PFMA is a martial arts school.  We want you to be at your highest self and best health.  Through Muay Thai, fitness, or personal training.  We teach traditional martial arts in a very modern way.  Our youngest client is 6 years old and our oldest active student is 84.  We have a class for you!  We have both Muay Thaiboxing equipment, and weights to help you get where you need to go.

Do I have to be in shape to start a bootcamp?

You might think you need to get in shape, BEFORE you get in shape but that is not true. If you can barely walk.....then barley walk in here and lets get started.

Can I jump in a bootcamp at anytime?

Yes you can. It is not recommended, but possible. If you have any hesitation about joining a fitness class, book a one on one session with one of our instructors and they will teach you any and everything you need to know before stepping into class. You will confident and competent.

What is the difference between Muay Thai and Bootcamp?

Muay Thai kickboxing is known as the 8 limbed art.  Muay Thai is a contact class where one can learn self defense and earn the rank of black belt.  Bootcamp is a non-contact class designed to whip you into shape super fast and last!

I have special needs, can I still train?

Absolutely!!!  Our instructors can work with any one.  Both coaches have years of experience working with elderly, physically and mentally challenged people, at risk youth, recovering addicts, injured or surgery recovering people, dietary restrictions, tight schedules, or down right shy people. One on one sessions are available to fit your schedule.

Do I have to spar?

No!  Sparring is part of our Muay Thai/Boxing program for those people who are looking to learn self defense and make their way to black belt.  If you want to learn the Muay Thai/Boxing techniques but don't want to worry about rank, that is totally ok.  If you are working with abuse issues, injury or just plain nervous. You do not have to spar.  Also, our bootcamp is a non-contact option that still utilizes punches and kicks, just on bags and not people.

Does Pure Fitness have a Fight Team?

Yes we do have a fight team.  We travel all over to compete.  Fight team training is 6 days a week 2x a day not including outside weight training, running, food prepping etc.  Check out our "classes" page for more information.

Do you have a scholarship program?

Yes we do.  We are currently working with local governments and agencies to help service folks in financial need.  Check back often to see more agencies that we work with.

Need to ask a question you don't see here?  Click the button below to contact our instructors directly.